Leveraging expertise in the fields of bioinformatics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, web development, metabolomics, proteomics, text mining and statistical analysis, In Siliflo works closely with you to develop cost-effective, customized solutions that simplify the process of manipulating the information for meaningful results. In addition to software development, we provide services such as custom programming, report generation, workflow optimization, data migration, and scientific consultation.

As researchers, each of the In Siliflo team members have extensive experience analyzing, generating, and publishing scientific data (see publications). As scientists, we are able to offer consultation and technical data analysis services at an affordable cost. Instead of spending valuable research money on training employees on highly specific aspects of data analysis, allow In Siliflo to fill in the knowledge gaps in your group.

Work flow Optimization

With our heavy background in managing large, well funded projects such as The Human Metabolome Project (5 year project with almost $10 million in funding) we are well versed in the data management issues facing modern academic groups today. The amount of data being produced far outpaces our ability to absorb and process new and vital information.

At In Siliflo, we believe that well placed software tools can assist in optimizing workflows and saving money better spent on the questions you are truly trying to answer.

Custom Programming

In Siliflo offers custom programming in the areas of bioinformatics, cheminformatics and artificial intelligence. As software developers, we have worked with a variety of languages (Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, C/C++, R, etc.) and database systems (MySQL, DB2, Postgres and Oracle). We have extensive experience writing large, enterprise-level applications as well as small but powerful scripts and tools.

If you need the combination of programming expertise and a deep understanding of biology and science, look no further. In Siliflo will work with you to make your ideas a reality at a fair price.

Data manipulation and extraction

Convert Do you need to manipulate large amounts of textual data, and the only option you have is to do it manually? In Siliflo are experts in data manipulation. We can write custom applications able to convert your data between different formats, standardize data, extract information from web sites, and combine data from different resources. These applications can literally save you thousands of hours of work and wasted resources. Please, contact us today and let us tame your data!


Data migration

We can move data from MS Access / Excel or other custom databases to your new database quickly and without error. We will write custom scripts to extract, convert and validate your data before moving it to your new data storage solution.

Report generation

Pie Part of our BaseD product involves extensive report generation for complex data. We have extracted this report module into a smart, open source application able to deal with the complexities of modern scientific data. Contact us today if you find yourself struggling with standard solutions such as Excel, or repeatedly generating the same report. We may be able to save you money!


Intelligent applications

As experts in artificial intelligence, In Siliflo can build smart tools quickly and cost-effectively. By leveraging the power of machine learning, In Siliflo can build tools able to predict outcomes, extract valuable information and relationships from text (such as journal articles) and categorize data automatically.

Data Analysis & Consultation

We have extensive experience with a variety of data analysis methodologies, and can custom tailor our work to your needs.


Pca In Siliflo staff members have experience with many statistical tools, including Survival Analysis, PCA, PLS-DA, and many machine learning tools (e.g. SVM, Bayesian Networks, Logistic Regression). We have also participated extensively in data analysis within the peer-review process (e.g. [Eisner, 2010], [Eisner, 2005]). This experience is the basis for our high quality, stringently tested results.

Data Analysis Integration

Our data analysis experience can also be leveraged to create integrated tools within your LIMS system. Rather than exporting your data to a third-party software, the process can be streamlined within one application that is tailored to your needs.