Metaboflo™ Metabolomics Workflow Solution


Looking for an affordable Metabolomics Laboratory Information Management System customized for you?

Metaboflo™, the Metabolomics Workflow Solution from In Siliflo offers researchers a way to easily share data, ensure data consistency, as well as efficiently search public databases and analyze results.

Many metabolomics research projects yield vast amounts of data. Organizing and analyzing this data can often become an exercise in frustration, whether it's finding the funding for an expensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or creating your own organizational method through programs such as Excel or Access. Metaboflo™ provides an easy-to-use solution that can be quickly and affordably customized for your project.

Sharing Data


Excel spreadsheets and Access databases can only be edited by one person at a time. These files often reside in a shared network folder or are emailed from user to user when updates are made, which increases the likelihood of data conflict. Metaboflo™ is a web-based application that gives multiple users the ability to work concurrently, with any changes immediately available to all those with proper authorization. As a result, researchers can easily and efficiently share correct data.

Data Consistency


Metaboflo™ also solves the issue of inconsistently entered data to provide you with more accurate results. First, data is validated based on logical rules before it is saved to the database. For example, an experiment date that precedes a patient's birthdate cannot be entered. Second, drop-down menus are provided whenever possible. Finally, certain patient information, such as name and gender, only has to be entered once even if there are multiple samples associated with the patient.

Built-in Analysis Tools


Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time aggregating and formatting your data in order to analyze it using external metadata databases and tools like the Human Metabolome Database, MetaboAnalyst, Polysearch, and other proprietary data analysis software? Metaboflo™ makes the process of finding additional metabolite information as simple as a single click via integration with existing public databases. Metaboflo™ also has built-in data analysis tools, further streamlining your research.

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