BioDecoder™ Next Generation Sequencing Analysis


BioDecoder™ is a web service designed to help you make the most out of your valuable next generation sequencing data. A key aim of sequencing is to identify the DNA variations that are responsible for important phenotypic differences. BioDecoder™ can help you immensely in this endeavor, by providing the most useful and comprehensive annotations available for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Learn more about how BioDecoder™ can help you at

BioDecoder™ uses the NGS-SNP tool set to analyze your data, providing an inexpensive service based on high quality, published tools. You can read more about NGS-SNP in the following publication:

Grant JR, Arantes AS, Xiaoping L, Stothard P (2011) In-depth annotation of SNPs arising from resequencing projects using NGS-SNP. Bioinformatics. View free article in PubMed

BioDecoder™ is an inexpensive tool designed to maximize your productivity without spending large sums of money on training, hardware, and IT staff.